Work Wheels - Meister S1 2P (White)


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Meister S1 (2 Piece). This is by far one of our most popular WORK wheels. The Meister S1 2P is a two piece construction wheel, utilize our advance forming outer rim barrel and center disk. The advantage of two piece wheels are, stiffer, suitable for track use, offset fine tuning (1mm increment), wide range of diameters and customization options available.

(1) Valvestem (V29A2) / (1) Spoke decal / (1) Lip decal

Additional Information
TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) compatible
Anodized outer rim available in black / bronze color with additional 

Wheel Sizing Explanation

15x5.5 / Offset +31 ~Lip 9

Sizing Chart