Wheel Mate Muteki - SR48 Open End Lug Nuts - Red 12x1.50 48mm



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Muteki SR48 extended open-ended lug nuts are made of steel which is much more robust and durable than aluminum lugs nuts. These are great for those of you who are constantly trading out your wheels for that different look or to look different for that upcoming meet or show. You won't end up stripping your lugs based on constant usage. Also, because they are not aluminum, they give off a glossy/mirrored look vs. brushed or dull/matte look. These look excellent while rolling too!

The latest lug nuts from Japan, the Kics Project Muteki SR48 Lug Nuts come in a set of 4 or set of 20 with key adapter. Manufactured from chrome vanadium, each lug weighs in at a mere 2 oz! Kics Project Muteki SR48 Lug Nuts are available in open ended designs, making them easily adaptable for short or extended wheel studs. * Super light-weight thin-wall construction using strong CHROME VANADIUM 28DCRVM SPEC. * Oversized and taper seat to ensure best contact. * External drive by popular 17mm hex for easier installation. * Knurled tips for better grip. * Full stud engagement and can accommodate long racing studs. * Reliable and stronger than aluminum racing lug nuts.

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M12 x 1.5 application fits: Honda, Acura