Moroso Oil Pan Street/ Race Baffled B series



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Whether you drag, oval or road race, Moroso has the oil pan your engine needs specially designed for front or rear wheel drive sport compacts. Each pan is fully fabricated from aluminum or steel, with race proven features that control oil for maximum power. The key is to keep the crankshaft free of excess oil which allows the engine to spin freely and achieve its full power potential.

For all Honda B-series engines 

  • Works with OEM exhaust manifold and most aftermarket exhaust/header combination's
  • Sump baffle that fully surrounds oil pump pickup for increased oil control while accelerating, cornering and braking
  • Turbo/Supercharger oil drainback
  • Magnetic drain plug and temperature sensor bung provision
  • Clear zinc plating for durability and corrosion resistance 

Direct replacement for the following B-series engines JDM or USDM:
(OEM oil pick-up is fully compatible; can vary see notes below) 

  • B16A (all variants)
  • B16B
  • B17A
  • B18A/B (all)
  • B18C/1/4/5 (all variants)
  • B20A/B/Z (all variants)
  • LS/VTEC 
    A B18C/C1/C5 oil pickup is required if adapting a B18C girdle; not required if B18A/B girdle and oil pick up is retained.
  • B20/VTEC
    A B18C/C1/C5 oil pickup is required if adapting a B18C girdle; not required if a B20x girdle and oil pick up is retained.

Note 1: 
If using a B18C girdle on any other B-series engine, a B18C/C1/C5 oil pick up MUST be used since the B18C has a taller girdle. The B18C oil pick up's design is made to fit around this taller/deeper girdle design.

Note 2: 
For Type-R engine owners, this Moroso oil pan is incompatible with the 1-piece lower transmission brace found on Type-R engines. You will have to switch to a  2-piece steel lower trans braces found on B16A and B18C1 engines/equipped vehicles. Click here for image.