J'S RACING RSX DC5 Street Ver. Total Aero System CFRP (early model)


J's Racing

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Total Aero Tuning Performance from Aero Dynamics J'S Racing Street Ver. system is an expression of our consistent “Intension”. We strongly recommend a total coordination of all the available Street Ver. parts if the budget permits. The system will provide an excellent match to Street Ver hood and 3D GT Wing. We wish the customer truly enjoy the excellent performance of our Street Ver. A stock bumper with its narrow air opening to the radiator cannot utilize the full capacity of a cooling system even with an aftermarket radiator. Consequently the result is in a reduction of power due to the less effective ability to lower cooling temperatures. The J’s Racing Street Ver. front bumper is designed to significantly increase the airflow to the radiator first by a wider opening and second by closing the gap between the frame and the bumper. The kit reduces the water temperatures by about 10C compared to the stock bumpe