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Hasport 2016+ Honda Civic (All Models Including 17+ FK8 Type R) Rear Motor Mount


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Hasport 2016+ Honda Civic (All Models Including 17+ FK8 Type R) Rear Motor Mount

Haspor’s FCRR Rear Engine Mounts are made from Billet Aluminum and aggressive Kevlar Infused Urethane inserts

This ensures a solid mount with improved energy transfer for increased traction, reduced wheel hop and reduced wheel spin! This is one of the top 5 bang for your buck Honda upgrades. You can expect your 60 foot times to drop significantly after adding this mount. It is an absolute must when upgrading your 10th gen Honda Civic FC / FK (Fits all manual transmission turbo 10th generation Civic models)

Hasport-Race-Rear-Engine-Mount-2017-Honda-Civic-Si-Fk8-FC3-EX-Sport-All 10th Generation Turbo LB15 and K20C Civic

Featuring a durometer rating of:

  • 62A (Street, Recommended)
  • 82A (Race)

*Durometer is the international standard for measuring the hardness of rubber, plastic, and most nonmetallic materials.

We recommend 62A for street driven vehicles.

Due to the increased durometer you can expect some added vibration in the cabin of the vehicle, moreso with the 82A Race durometer.

Part #FCRR

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont™


  • Honda Civic Type R [FK8] (2017+)
  • Honda Civic Si (2016+)
  • Honda Civic Sport Touring (2016+)
  • Honda Civic EX (2016+)
  • Honda Civic LX (2016+)


Hasport Performance 2016+ 10th Generation Honda Civic FCRR Rear Motor Mount Options:

  • 82A Durometer Kevlar Infused Urethane Race Version (More Vibration)
  • 62A Durometer Kevlar Infused Urethane Street Version (Recommended)
  • WEIGHT 5 lbs
    DIMENSIONS 12 × 12 × 8 in