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Downstar - Tuckin Brakes Kit DIY


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Tuckin' Brakes Kit DIY
Our Downstar Tuckin' Brakes Kit allows you to "tuck" your prop valve and your brake lines in most Honda/Acura vehicles. This kit comes with all AN fitting needed to get the job done! All that is needed is a 37 degree flare tool, 3/16ths line, and a tube bender. Kit includes all the bulkheads, tube nuts/sleeves, and metric to AN adapters needed, over 66 pieces. Available in black fittings.The Downstar Tuckin' Brakes kit V.1 is intended for OEM brake setup and the V.2 is designed for single port Wilwood master cylinders commonly used in brake booster delete applications.

Select your master cylinder:

  • OEM 10mm = Both lines on the master cylinder are 10mm.
  • OEM 10mm Banjo = Both lines on master cylinder are 10mm. Banjos are best used with the master cylinders with both outputs next to the shock tower which cause a clearance issue.
  • ITR 12mm/10mm = When using an ITR master cylinder that requires a 12mm on one output and a 10mm on the other.
  • Wilwood 3/8-24 Banjo = If your Wilwood master cylinder requires a 3/8-24 fitting.
  • Wilwood 1/8-27 "L" = If your WIlwood master cylinder requires a 1/8-27 (1/8NPT). 

Select your kit:

V1 = OEM master cylinder

V2 = Wilwood master cylinder (brake booster delete)

Do you have a booster delete adapter?

If it's not Downstar, take that shit off! Here's ours

What you need:
Ridgid 41162 Flaring Tool 37 Degree
Ridgid 36096 Tube Bender
Summit S/S 3/16th Brake Hard  Line



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