Downstar - D-Series Engine Hardware Kit



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B-Series Engine Kit

  • Replaces oem hardware with stainless steel allen hardware
  • Compatable with VTEC & non-VTEC engines
  • Standard option includes ONLY nuts to secure intake & exhaust manifolds
  • Premium option includes ONLY bolt to secure intake & exhaust manifolds
  • Replacement hardware includeds: MAP, TPS, IAT, distributor cap, throttle cable, FPR, thermostat housing, VTEC, VTEC solenoid, H20 neck, FITV, cam caps, thermostat housing to block, clutch slave cylinder, distributor, throtle body, IACV, fuel rail, intake manifold & exhaust manifold.
  • Optional oil pump & water pump hardware available
  • Always use anti-seize lubricant when installing new hardware