Downstar - 1994-01 Integra Chassis Kit



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This kit is designed to replace many of your oem 10mm hardware in your engine bay. Each kit includes (51) Beauty Washers (51) Anti-scratch rubber washers, and (51) Stainless steel socket head bolts. Bolt Boys Kits will never rust and they will give your car that custom look.

1994-01 Integra=51 Piece Kit
(4)Hood to Latch
(4)Hood Latch to Chassis
(6)Top Fenders
(2)Fender Between Door
(1)Overflow Stay
(2)radiator Stay
(3)A/C Stay
(13)Front Bumper
(3)Hood Latch
(2)Fan to Radiator
(2)Fan to A/C
(2)Clutch Reservoir
(3)Fuse Box