C-West Front Fender (Left Side) CFRP - Honda S2000 2000-2009



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C-West Front Fender (Left Side) CFRP - Honda S2000 2000-2009

C-West uses the enormous amount of data extracted from the racing field to produce its aero parts. These aero parts distinguish themselves by bringing out the maximum potential of the vehicle while accentuating the existing body lines. Because these parts were designed using actual race data, they aren't just dress up parts, but actual functional components of the vehicle. The aerodynamics of a vehicle are often overlooked from a tuning stand point yet it is one of the most important factors of vehicle performance and handling.

C-For products made with Pliable Fiber Reinforced Plastic is a material that has similar properties to those of FRP, but is a lot more flexible. The front bumper and Front Half Spoilers made with PFRP are much more difficult to crack due to its flexibility. Side skirts and rear under fins are much more pliable when installing. Depending upon the paint, PFRP aero-parts are much easier to repair, even with damage received while the vehicle is in motion.