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  • Fully Adjustable Ride Height, 19 Way Damping Adjustment and Preload Settings: Within normal operating range, simply use the spanner wrenches (provided in the damper kit) to adjust the lower bracket of the damper to your desired vehicle ride height, without sacrificing comfort or performance. Pre-load settings are adjusted using a similar process, allowing users the freedom to set up their vehicle to their exact specifications. 19 levels of damping and rebound adjustability.
  • Monotube and Inverted Shock Design: Buddy Club Racing Spec Dampers utilize a Monotube shock design to provide optimal performance and durability. Sport Spec Dampers utilize an inverted design on all McPherson equipped vehicles. This design provides stability and cornering improvements up to 150% over stock. The Sport Spec's shock body provides more fluid and a bigger piston for better performance in harsh environments.
  • High Quality Components: The rubber bushing top hat design was chosen over a pillow ball setup in order to provide a smooth and quiet ride as possible without compromising performance. Buddy Club Damper springs are manufactured to the highest standard, using high tensile steel from Japan. Newly Designed Top Hats, Bump Stops and Shock Boots provide longer life to not only the components themselves, but also helps decrease wear on the damper. All Sport Spec Damper parts have gone through the highest standard of quality control and dyno testing before leaving the factory.
    Brand: Buddy Club
    MPN: BC02-SSHDC5