Brian Crower - Honda/Acura K20A2 Z3 ProH2K Connecting Rods (Set of 4)


Brian Crower

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Made from premium, 4340 steel billet material, Brian Crower connecting rods are available in two distinct styles depending on horsepower, budget and engine application, but both include the exclusive Brian Crower oiling groove in the pin bushing for added oiling.

The ProH2K Series is intended for moderate boost applications and all motor race applications where peak horsepower is not going to exceed 700hp at the flywheel. Utilizes venerable ARP2000 fasteners.

The ProH625+ Series rods are designed for high horsepower, high boost and extreme rpm applications where nothing but the best rod will do. Features include ARP's premium Custom Age 625+ bolt rated to 280,000 p.s.i. for ultimate fastening capabilities as well as aluminum-bronze bushings to insure long, reliable service, no matter what the boost, nitrous or RPM.